Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    ----    M.Sc.    ebrahimi poor, tahere    0000-00-00
2    PCR applied for synchronize detection of dangerous Salmonell spp in processed foods            0000-00-00
3    Elementary studies in tissue engineering for production of 3D-dimensional smart scaffolds from spongy bone            0000-00-00
4    Evaluation the possibility regulatory function of non-coding regions of genes of the human Bcl2 family based on in-silico and system biology analysis            0000-00-00
5    Studying synergic effects of valproic acid and anticancer agents on human esophageal carcinoma cells            0000-00-00
6    Studying effects of auraptene, a coumarin derivative from Citrus species, on esophageal cancer cells in vitro            0000-00-00
7    Studying the effects of triterpenoid compounds on the expression of some basic cardiogenic markers in human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells            0000-00-00
8    Studying effects of 7-geranyloxycumarin conjugated magnetic nanoparticles on esophageal cancer cells            0000-00-00
9    Dedifferentiation effects of conditioned medium from cultured Blastema tissue of rabbit ears on partial differentiated NTERA-2 cells    M.Sc.    nakhaei rad, saeideh    2010-04-07
10    Study the effects of conditioned medium of cultured Blastema tissue from Rabbit ears on cell surface antigens of NTERA-2    M.Sc.    mirahmadi, mahdi    2010-04-07
11    Study the effects of virtreous humor extracts of rabbit on cell surface antigens of NTERA-2    M.Sc.    Rezaian, Zuhra    2010-04-07
12    Investigating the potential effect of plasmid on antibacterial properties of lactobacilli starters present in traditional Iranian sourdough, using molecular methods    Ph.D    Sadeghi, Alireza    2010-10-05
13    Investigation about flavonoid extraction from Achillea L. in khorasan razavi and shomali provinces and its antioxidant activity in vitro    M.Sc.    varaste, maryam    2011-01-05
14    Determination of the best method of extraction flavonoids from leaves and flowers of Achillea spp in khorasan province and its effect on human skin wound healing    M.Sc.    Khosravitabar, Fatemeh    2011-02-04
15    Investigating the relationship of BORIS with pluripotency-associated genes    Ph.D    soltanian, sara    2011-03-16
16    Association between TCF7L2 and PDX-1 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in Mashhad    M.Sc.    Rafati, Roya    2011-04-30
17    The histological study of interactions between blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit and natural 3D decellularized pancreas of rabbit in vitro.    M.Sc.    nakhaee, mahdiye    2011-05-15
18    : The histological study of the interactions between decellularized esophagus chorione scaffold and the blastema tissue obtained from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit.    M.Sc.    Akbarzadeh niaky, Malihe    2011-05-15
19    The histological Study of interactions between blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit and natural 3D acullular dermal matrix of rabbit in vitro.    M.Sc.    dahmardeh ghalenow, tayebeh    2011-05-15
20    The histological study of the interactiگons between decellularized kidney scaffold and theobtained from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit.    M.Sc.    Sekhavati, Fereshteh    2011-05-18
21    Improving the homing capacity of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) through pretreatment and use of an injectable scaffold percutaneously in rat animal model.    Ph.D    Naderi Meshkin, Hojjat    2011-05-29
22    Cloning and characterization of CelII cDNA from Apium graveolens    M.Sc.    sadeghpoor heravi, fahime    2011-07-18
23    Over expression of Cel II endonuclease cDNA in tobacco plants using agrobacterium mediated transformation    M.Sc.    helmi laein, atena    2011-07-18
24    Investigating the cytotoxic and anti-cancer effects of 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole on TCC cell line.    M.Sc.    Hassan zadeh, Halimeh    2011-07-18
25    Investigating the cytotoxic and anti-cancer effects of monoterpenoid ferutinin in vitro.    M.Sc.    Nakhaeizadeh, Hossein    2011-07-18
26    Possible induction of reprogramming in human somatic cells by coculturing of them with rabbit blatema tissues    M.Sc.    Shahriyari, Mina    2011-09-06
27    Investigating the possibility of xenograf implantation of human Mesenchymal stem cells to the primary mouse embryos    M.Sc.    hejazi, zahra    2011-09-06
28    Characterisation of CD133+ cells in an esophageal carcinoma cell line and cancerous tissues    Ph.D    Behnam Rassouli, Fatemeh    2011-11-01
29    Investigating the cytotoxic and anti-cancer effects of monoterpenoid ferutinin on CT26 mouse colon carcinoma cells in vitro and their tumour model in vivo    M.Sc.    arghiani, nahid    2011-11-02
30    Investigating OCT4 expression in esophageal cancer specimens by immunohistochemistry and its correlation with cancer malignancy    M.Sc.    cheshomi, hamid    2011-11-02
31    In vitro differentiation of human adipose tissue- derived mesenchymal stem cells into neural cells through over expression of human In vitro differentiation of human adipose tissue- derived mesenchymal stem cells into neural cells through over expression of human Pax6(+5a) gene gene    Ph.D    Rezanejadbardeji, Habib    2011-11-02
32    Investigating the maintenance and differential biheaver of human mesyenchymal stem cells in different rat xnotransplants    Ph.D    haddad Mashadrizeh, Alikabar    2011-12-11
33    development of selfrenewality and maintainance of chicken SSC to enhance transplantation    Ph.D    Momeni Moghaddam, Madjid    2012-01-12
34    Investigating the effect of Retinoic Acid and GDNF on expression of germ cell specific markers in chicken bone marrow cells    Ph.D    boozarpour, sohrab    2012-01-21
35    Isolation and enrichment of chicken SSC-like cells by surface molecular markers and investigating the significance of GDNF and GFRα1 in these cells    Ph.D    Sisakhtnezhad, Sajjad    2012-02-01
36    Investigating the pattern of gene expression in two varients of CXCR4 in adipose mesenchymal stem cells    M.Sc.    Heirani Tabasi, Asieh    2012-06-13
37    An in vitro histological study of the effects of kidney decellularized 3D matrix prepared from Balb/c mice on mesenchymal stem cells behaviour.    M.Sc.    Kermanshahi, Farnoush    2012-06-13
38    Histological study of mesenchymal stem cell behavior cultured in decellularized gingival matrix in presence of hyaluronic acid in vitro    M.Sc.    alavi, maryam    2012-06-13
39    Biofilm production from engineered tendon matrix in order to prepare a suitable substrate for culturing mesenchymal stem cells.    M.Sc.    hezbollahi, mahboubeh    2012-06-13
40    Study of Behavior of mesenchymal stem cells cultured on scaffolds prepared from kidney tissue of mouse in the presence of hyaluronic acid    M.Sc.    gholamrezapoortorughi, effat    2012-06-16
41    Study of permanent effects of low dose gamma irradiation in inducing chromosomal instability in Vinblastine treated L929 cells using the micronucleus assay on binucleated cells    M.Sc.    mohamadi, zahra    2012-06-17
42    Investigating the cytotoxic and anticancer effects of a Farnesyloxycoumarin derivative on two prostate cancer cell lines in vitro    M.Sc.    saboormaleki, saffiyeh    2012-06-17
43    Investigating the cytotoxicity and anti-cancer effects of 6- Farnesyloxycoumarin on prostate cancer cells in vitro    M.Sc.    kaseb mojaver, nasrin    2012-06-17
44    Investigating the anticancer synergistic effects of two 15-lipoxygenaseI inhibitors    M.Sc.    orafai, ala    2012-06-17
45    Comparative study of Wdr5 gene expression in mesenchymal stem cells after induction of differentiation    M.Sc.    haghjoo, mostafa    2012-06-17
46    Investigating the possibility of detecting the presence of species belonging to the genus staphylococcus in processed food by PCR-DGGE/TGGE method    M.Sc.    bahrami, monireh    2012-06-17
47    Investigating the possibility of studying the population of bacteria belonging to the Salmonella enterica species by PCR-DGGE/TTGE method    M.Sc.    Besharaty, Maryam    2012-06-17
48    Isolation and molecular identification of aerobic fungi producing CBHI from the native forests of iran    M.Sc.    Najjarzadeh, Nasim    2012-06-17
49    Introduction of species of Trichoderma producing endoglucanase from the soils of the native forests of Iran (Iranian native forest) by using molecular methods    M.Sc.    bagheri azghadi, elnaz    2012-06-17
50    analysis of selenium nanoparticles inhibitory effect on nanobacteria isolated from urinary stones    M.Sc.    sardarabadi, hadi    2012-06-17
51    Isolation and molecular identification of cellulolytic fungi from animal manure and investigating their enzymatic activity    M.Sc.    shamriz, shabnam    2012-06-17
52    Investigating the cytotoxic and anticancer effects of two synthetic agents, 5 and 8-farnesyloxycoumarin on PC3 and DU145 prostate cancer cell lines in vitro    M.Sc.    hoseiny mehr, minoo    2012-06-17
53    Isolation and identification of cellulose degrading bacteria from hot springs and cloning of cellulase gene    M.Sc.    Hajiabady, sare    2012-06-17
54    انگلیسی: Study of chromosomal Polymorphism in species of the genus “Mus” with G-banding and C-banding techniques    Ph.D    Molavi, Farahnaz    2012-11-04
55    Investigating the effects of wild type and mutant versions of CXCR4 gene on homing efficiency of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro    Ph.D    Bidkhori, Hamid reza    2013-03-06
56    Designing a dual promoter vector with Stra8 and c-kit promoter and its performance evaluation in reprogramming of spermatogonial progenitor cells in mouse model    Ph.D    Dastpak, Mahtab    2013-03-06
57    Evaluation of Mouse Cells Reprogramming to Spermatogonial Progenitor Cells by Expression of Polycistronic Gene Cassette Stella, Oct4 and Nanos2    Ph.D    Farshchian, Moein    2013-03-06
58    Evaluation of antioxidant activity of essential oils and phenolic extract of the aerial parts of Perovskia abrotanoides Karel in various stages of development and evaluation of antioxidant property of the most powerful essential oil and extract on living cells.    M.Sc.    ebrahimifakhr, roya    2013-03-14
59    Studying the Effects of CNTs on Bovine ECM-derived Cartilage Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Applications    Ph.D    ghasemi, toktam    2013-06-01
60    The investigation of survival and diffrentiation of human adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells to vascular components and cells when they are seeded on a natural 3D elastic scaffold which is derived from aorta    Ph.D    Kazemi, Tahmineh    2013-06-25
61    Revision of taxonomic characters of Calomyscidae (Rodentia) based on Evo-Devo studies and species identification of its molecular clades in Iran based on biosystematics studies    Ph.D    hamidi loyen, kordiyeh    2013-12-18
62    Investigating the optimal conditions to induce Mesenchymal Stem Cells to adopt Keratinocyte Molecular signatures in vitro    Ph.D    Irfan, Muhammad    2014-01-21
63    Extraction and cellulase optimization of a native filamentous fungus by molecular methods.    Ph.D    Javanmard, Athar Sadat    2014-01-25
64    The influence of low doses of ZnO nanoparticles on the cytotoxicity of doxorubicin on human prostate cancer cell line, DU145, in the presence and absence of UVA irradiation    M.Sc.    azhdari, afsaneh    2014-03-08
65    In vitro study of the histological interactions between blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand rabbits and acellular lung tissue of frog.    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh, nasibeh    2014-05-07
66    Investigation the histological interactions between blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand rabbits and a scaffold prepared from bovine ̓ s inter-vertebral disc    M.Sc.    azin, somayeh    2014-06-03
67    Preparation of a 3D- tendon matrix from cow and investigating it’s interactions with blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbits    M.Sc.    khakpour, elaheh    2014-06-03
68    studyng the effect of defined conditioned medium on dedifferentiation of human keratinocytes    M.Sc.    Hemmati Sadeghi, Shabnam    2014-06-29
69    Investigating the induction of dedifferentiation in human keratinocytes by co-culture with pluripotent tissue    M.Sc.    Hassanzadeh, Marziyeh    2014-06-29
70    Investigating the effect of Gamma irradiation on vinblastine-induced aneuploid L929 cell lines using micronucleus assay on binucleated cells    M.Sc.    jomehzadeh, zahra    2014-06-29
71    Studing the expression of Two Novel Splice Variants of SOX2OT, SOX2OT-S1 and SOX2OT-S2, in breast cancer patients    M.Sc.    ghafoorian nia moghadam, farzaneh    2014-06-29
72    Comparative study of the expression of SOX2OT (SOX2OT-S1, SOX2OT-S2) in tumor and normal samples of stomach    M.Sc.    koohestanian, roia    2014-06-29
73    Investigation of the effect of low frequency electromagnetic waves on causing vinblastin-induced aneuploidy in L929 cells, using micronucleus assay in binucleus cells    M.Sc.    vafaee rad, mina    2014-06-29
74    Investigating the effect of Berberine on gene expression of chemokine receptors in esophageal cancer cell line    M.Sc.    Mishan, Mohammad Amir    2014-08-06
75    In vitro investigation of coumarin derivatives cytotoxicity and anti-tumor effects on prostate cancer cells    M.Sc.    maleki, fateme    2014-08-06
76    Determination of expression and tissue distribution of miR-24, in parafin embedded samples of esoghageal cancer    M.Sc.    Ghaffarnatanzi, vahid    2014-08-06
77    In vitro investigation of cytotoxicity and anti tumor effects of stylosin and it's derivates on prostate cancer cells and evaluation of their SAR    M.Sc.    Goftari, Seyed Navid    2014-08-06
78    Isolaton and identification of pigmented bacteria from Mazandaran Sea and survey the antibacterial and anti-tumor activity of their pigments    M.Sc.    Afra, Simindokht    2015-02-10
79    Investigation of the insulin signaling role after maternal stress (before birth) on sporadic Alzheimer's symptoms induced by icv-STZ in adult male rat offsprings    Ph.D    rostami, farzaneh    2015-04-08
80    Investigation of the effects of neonatal intracerebroventricular streptozotocin injection on Alzheimer-like symptoms in a model of sporadic Alzheimer in adult male Wistar rat    Ph.D    Abbasi, Zohreh    2015-04-08
81    In vitro study of histological interactions between acellular rabbit liver tissue and ‎blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit. ‎    M.Sc.    Ramezani, Simin    2015-06-10
82    Investigating Adhesion and Survival of Human Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on three Different Human Amniotic Membrane Scaffolds: Epithelium, Denuded and Stromal    M.Sc.    iran pour, sonia    2015-06-10
83    Investigating the application of mesenchymal stem cells as new vehicles for targeted and effective delivery of anti-miR21 to colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo    Ph.D    arghiani, nahid    2016-03-12
84    Biosynthesis of copper nanoparticles by luminescent bacteria and studying their anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties    M.Sc.    nakhaeepour, zahra    2016-06-15
85    Investigating the expression of some SOX2OT variants and the effects of its gene expression modification on characteristics of colon cancer cells    Ph.D    Saeinasab, Morvarid    2016-07-25
86    The effects of Benfotiamine administration on bio-structural alterations of decellularized sciatic nerve scaffold in rat diabetic model induced by STZ    Ph.D    vafadar ghasemi, leila    2016-09-13
87    Investigating the consequences of IDO1 overexpression on immunomodulation of human mesenchymal stem cells    Ph.D    Haghighitalab, Azadeh    2016-09-18
88    Studying effects the cerium oxide nanoparticles on survival and growth of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells on human skin scaffold    M.Sc.    pesaraklou, atefeh    2016-12-07
89    Investigating the effects of bone marrow adipocytes on induction of stemness properties in leukemia cancer cells    Ph.D    GHAMBARALI, ZAHRA    2017-01-08
90    Assessment of Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) of High-Dose-Rate (HDR) 60Co Brachytherapy Alone and in Combination with Cisplatin Treatment in a Cervical Cancer Cell Line (HeLa) in vitro    M.Sc.    Gharavian, Shima    2017-02-20
91    Studying the Expression of Innate Immune Response Genes in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts Infected by a Lentiviral Vector Expressing Stella, Oct4, Nanos2    M.Sc.    asadi, molood    2017-02-20
92    Investigating the anti-cancer effects of sesquiterpene lactone cynaropicrin on KYSE30 human esophagus carcinoma cells in vitro and the synergistic effect of this substance in combination with chemotherapy drugs.    M.Sc.    nasirzadeh, نصیرزاده    2017-02-20
93    Investigating antimicrobial and anticancerous effects of endophyte microorganisms from Ephedra intermedia and Ephedra foliata    M.Sc.    ghiasvand, mehrdad    2017-02-20
94    Investigating the odontoblastic inducing potential of mineral trioxide aggregate on human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells: An in vitro study    M.Sc.    Babaki, Danial    2017-02-20
95    Use of E. coli Overexpressing β-glucuronidase in Combination with Glycyrrhizic Acid, A Natural and Anti-inflammatory Agent, for Treatment of Colon Cancer in Mouse Model    M.Sc.    Afkhami Poustchi, Amin    2017-02-21
96    Investigating cytotoxic and anticancer properties of metal complexes containing pyridine dicarboxylic acid on colorectal and cervical cancer in vitro    M.Sc.    seyyedmoradi, seyyed hossein    2017-06-13
97    Investigating cytotoxic and anticancer properties of auraptene and its drivetives on cervical cancer in vitro    M.Sc.    hosseinzadeh maleki, mohammad ebrahim    2017-06-13
98    Investigation of immunosuppressive- immunomodulatory markers in Amniotic Fluid-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells from women who experienced Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) and the effect of Interferon gamma on the expression of these markers    Ph.D    Hoseini, Seyed Mehdi    2017-11-22
99    Targeted delivery of anti-miR-21 and an anti-colon cancer drug (Doxorubicin) to cancer cells based on silica nanoparticles, covered with chitosan and aptamer    Ph.D    khatami, fatemeh    2017-12-13
100    Aptamer AS1411 conjugated γ-Fe2O3@TiO2-EG nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery of doxorubicin to cancer cells    Ph.D    Mansoury, Nahid    2018-02-28
101    Investigating the gene suppression profile involving innate immunity in mouse embryonic fibroblasts when tranducted with Stella, Oct4 and Nanos2 expression vectors    Ph.D    Bahrami, Monireh    2018-03-07
102    Evaluating plasma expression of miR-21 in colorectal cancer patients in Khorasan population    M.Sc.    Merajifar, Elahe    2018-04-17
103    Association between rs6983267 and colorectal cancer risk in the population of Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    baghery ghoozhdi, zakieh    2018-04-17
104    Investigating synergic effects of auraptene and ionizing radiation in a colorectal adenocarcinoma cell line and animal model    M.Sc.    salary, hamide    2018-04-17
105    Association of rs6983267 SNP with gastric cancer suceptibility in Khorasan Razavi population    M.Sc.    Amiri, Seyede Mina    2018-04-17
106    Investigating the association of rs6983267 single nucleotide polymorphism with esophageal cancer in Khorasan Razavi population    M.Sc.    karimi, farzaneh    2018-04-17
107    Evaluating the expression of the lncRNA CCAT1 in plasma of esophageal cancer patients    M.Sc.    asar, monireh    2018-04-17